Heidi Jo Wells

Hi there!

*time to update this stat- whoops.  We're back SO CAL!!  New bio coming soon*
A born and raised Southern California beach girl temporarily relocated to the tech bubble of Silicon Valley (it's only kinda cool because Apple, Facebook and Polyvore also share my home).  I'm a fashion industry alumni (recently retired..he he) who spent the last 15 years of my life schlepping women's clothes to small towns all over the US and selling to some of my favorite small boutiques and big retailers.   
Most of my close friends know me as the fashion girl or someone who is generally always put together.  But, it's time for us to get on the real real...most days you'll find me with a top knot on fleek, my sweatpant game strong and a extra large 4x reheated chai latte in tow.  My house is usually a mess, there are always dishes in the sink and endless amounts of laundry to be done.  You wouldn't know I spent much of my life working in fashion if you met me before 4pm, which is just about the time I change out of my sweatpants before the hubs gets home. At first, my blog was an outlet to share pretty things about fashion, weddings and my travels but after my first baby was born in January of 2016, I find it is now filled with my struggles of moving from being a high powered fashion exec to a stay at home mom.  When I used to be flying all over the US schlepping high end women's clothes now I find myself struggling to just shower on the daily.  Sometimes my posts have miss spelled (pun intended) words or don't have the most perfect grammar, but it's usually because I'm chasing my toddler while typing.  If you're feeling any of these issues, let's be friends.  
With lots of Love and Laughs,