Meet the Blogger - 20 Questions about yours truly

Meet the Blogger - 20 questions about me

Last year, I actually worked with a brand to be a guest on their blog and it happened to be right during our pumpkin patch outing at the same time! It's so fun to look back each year and read about what season I was in, in my life, so why not make this an annual thing and do the hard thing, like talk about myself once a year.

If you wanna read last years, it's called, It's All About Me.

Why keep you in suspense, here we go!

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Do you have any nicknames?

My name is Heidi and my middle name is Jo, but most people who know me, call me Heidi Jo. Jo Jo has always been a name i've been called and when I was really little my aunt used to call me Josephine, just to tease me, because she knew I hated it.

Where did you grow up and what kind of activities did you do in high school?

This just made me lol because the first thought that came to mind was the time we all almost got arrested for the senior prank, but then I remembered, I was also my class president, so I swear I was a good kid.

When you were little what did you wanna be when you grew up?

I was 100% certain I was going to be a psychologist. I loved talking to people and hearing their issues always made me feel better about mine.

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what is your worst habit?

DO I have to say? I bite my nails. It's the worst, I wish my mom would of put some sort of cream of something on my hands when I was little that tasted terrible because it's a horrible, gross habit IMO.

What age did you start working and what was your first job?

I can't remember if it was Blockbuster Video or if it was one of those lotion carts at the mall. I was 16 and I had no car, but somehow I got to work on time every day after school. Ps, millennials, there was no such things as uber back then. Do you guys even know what Blockbuster video is [crap, I'm old].

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5 things you are currently crushing on right now.

  1. Zara, for all the kids clothes, like all of them.

  2. Below Deck- guilty late night pleasure

  3. Essential Oils- I just got on the Young Living train and I can't even sleep because I'm so excited about how I'm going to be healthy AF real soon.

  4. Southern California weather + sunsets- cause I mean come on people, it's Nov 2 and the sun is shining and it's 81 degrees outside!

  5. Vegan Meals- I know, everyone isn't a fan but I'm working my tooshie off trying to make that rainbow baby, and I know my body is thanking me every time I pick up that kale salad.

What's the biggest project on your to-do list right now?


Making that rainbow baby- acupuncture once a week, gave up caffeine and carbs, and I'm adding in essential oils to create a non-toxic, healthy space for myself and hopefully a growing baby soon.


I really really really want to try and update my blog, I want to organize it and really get it dialed in but I'm a self-taught blogger and it takes me forever to research how to do the tiniest thing. If any of you reading this know about square space and wanna help a sista out, send me smoke signal, please!

What's something you wish you could do one more time?

I don't know if I can type this without loosing it. But, I just want to hear my best friends voice again. I lost her 3 months ago yesterday, and every single day without her gets harder and harder. If you want to know more about that, visit mydailymoments.

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tanaka farms pumpkin patch.JPG
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tanaka farms pumpkin patch.JPG

Have you traveled out of the country and if so, to where?

Oh boy, yes. I want to say lots, but there are still so many other places I want to go visit so; after college, I went on a trip to London, Rome, Paris and Amsterdam. [little-known fact]: My boyfriend at the time was Jim, who is now the owner of Cleobella [IG acct full of travel heaven], and he was an avid surfer who traveled all the time. I had never been out of the country and he basically forced me to go and explore the world. Even though I couldn't pay my rent when I got home, it was probably the single best decision of my life. [so, thanks Jim!] . Then when I was working in the fashion biz, I worked with a brand from Barcelona and Jason and I ended up taking a little work/pleasure trip to Barcelona, Prague and Berlin.

Are you a light packer or take everything you own kinda gal?

bahaha, definitely lean towards the everything I own kinda gal, but, if I'm going somewhere like Palm Springs or Hawaii, it's easy because I just bring bathing suits and cover-ups.

tanaka farms pumpkin patch.JPG
tanaka farms pumpkin patch.jpg

Who are your favorite Instagram accounts?

Well, after 3 years I have created quite the community of beautiful women to surround myself with. These are just a few of them.











And I also love a few bigger "business-y" accounts like,





tanaka farms pumpkin patch.JPG
tanaka farms pumpkin patch.JPG
tanaka farms pumpkin patch.JPG
tanaka farms pumpkin patch.JPG

Name 3 things you eat every day + 3 you'll never be caught eating.

Celery [juice it every morning], French fries [totally Finn's fault], and onions. I think Onions are pretty much the answer to any good meal.

AND, peas, no way will you ever catch me eating a pea, I don't eat red meat and I haven't in the last 7 years, and sadly, I have to answer cheese [wah wah wah] trying to cut that our for my fertility diet.

What type of music do you listen to and what's your fav song to play on repeat?

I used to listen to everything, with the exception of country [only when my friends play it around me] and now I pretty much live on either alternative radio or Disney movie soundtracks. Animal by Miike Snow is my favorite song I never get tired of.

What's your favorite saying that people hear you repeat over and over?

Come on, bro. The other day we were driving and this car cut us off, out of the backseat, clear as day...Finn yells, "COME ON, BRO!" Dead.

tanaka farms pumpkin patch.JPG
tanaka farms pumpkin patch.JPG

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