How I got a Better night sleep | a Honest mattress review

How I got a better night sleep | Honest review of Tomorrow Sleep Mattress


Most people know how a good night sleep can change your life and although our daily health relies on it, people now days are consistently not getting enough sleep; including me.

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[I received a Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.]  #ad #sponsored


To be honest, I've never gotten much sleep.  I'm always staying up way past a normal person bedtime, and I tend to be more of a night owl than a morning person.  But, my husband, on the other hand, he's that guy.  You know, the one who neeeedddss his beauty rest.  He needs at least 9hrs of good sleep or he's a cranky bear.  Ever since I've known him, he's been a morning person.  Always bright-eyed and ready for the day, before everyone else.  Even after a late night out, he's the guy whos going to grab coffee for everyone.  Not this girl.  I like to sleep in as late as possible.  I mean, I love that about him but that doesn't mean I want that.  I'm definitely staying in most mornings all snug under my 3 comforters in a cozy bed as long as I can.  


3 years ago we upgraded our mattress, and neither of us has slept well since.  We spent $2800 and 4 hours shopping for the perfect mattress, we waited days for it to be delivered, watched as 3 men came to deliver and assemble it, only to call the store back 2 weeks later and have them swap it out for another one.   It was a battle to get them to exchange it so when we still didn't like the replacement, we knew we were just stuck with it.  Stuck with poor restless nights, and stuck feeling stiffness and agitated in the morning.  3 years later, we've had enough.  We knew it was time to do something about our sleep and it started with finding a new, better mattress.


As an influencer, I thought let me reach out to my other blogger friends and see if they have a suggestion for a new mattress.  I was seeing all these ship in-a-box, direct-to-consumer mattress companies.  Casper, Tuft&Needle, Lucid and more.  I was skeptical about spending over $1000 on a mattress that was out of a box.  I mean how can something that was smooshed in an airtight space come our and still be that fluffy and comfy mattress I was excepting it to be?   I asked a lot of my GF's and they told me it was easy and painless but nobody really said, I LOVE my new mattress, I'm sleeping so much better!  So I still wasn't convinced.    


Then, Tomorrow Sleep reached out and promised me a better night sleep.  They are a branch of Simmons Serta, with a pretty large and experienced company behind them.  The husband of course quickly did some research and saw that they conducted decades of research to create a comprehensive system specifically intended to enable a more restful nights sleep.  I was just excited I didn't have to go back to the mattress store and do that whole process all over again.  So I had that going for me. 
Hassle free, I get fast and it's guaranteed to help me sleep better?  I'm in.


Research says it takes 30 days to break a bad habit.  So, I wanted to take some time before I gave you guys my honest review of the mattress.  We took these last 30 days to challenge ourselves to get more sleep, not just with our new mattress, but with new sheets, and with a few other steps into our nighttime routine.  Here's my honest opinion about our Tomorrow Sleep Mattress.


Let me say it really clearly, 
Since I've had my Tomorrow Sleep mattress, 
I've slept better!   And that is the entire point of this.  I can go on and on about the pro's and maybe one or two cons (like it's a little "louder" than a normal mattress) but the point is how do I sleep on it and both my husband and I are sleeping better.  We actually woke up numerous days after we first slept on it and looked and each other and said, "Man, I slept so good last night!"


So if you want to know if I would suggest this mattress to you:
Yes.  My answer is yes, a thousand times over.  Get this mattress and you will sleep better.  Here are a few reasons why:

The first thing I noticed about the mattress was that it was firm, like not like the sinking feeling you get from those old memory foam mattresses but firmer like it's supporting you.  Your body almost molds to the mattress.

Then I noticed that it's thinner, like way thinner than a normal mattress.  I kept thinking it was going to expand more, but eventually, it settled into its full form, and I kinda liked that it was a little lower to the ground.  It made the room feel a little bigger, but still had lots of space to starfish if I wanted to.

Being a side sleeper, I learned that I needed a mattress like this because it cradles my body and adapts to my positions in a way we side sleepers need.  We need some firmness with a little give and this mattress provides just that.

Let's talk about temperature.  I'm cold, he's hot.  Always.  One thing we could never agree on is our sheets, I want them soft, but not hot.  Have you ever gone to bed in nice cool sheets and midway through your sleep, you wake up sweating?  Me too!  One thing I was concerned about was how hot this hybrid- coil thing was going to be.  It's not!  One of the main selling points that got me on this mattress is that they combine temperature-regulating memory foam with a gently stabilizing coil system, which gives you the perfect mix of cool comfort and support each night.


I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to a new mattress, and if you think you don't need a new one, just try and remember what year it was when you got the one you're sleeping on.  If it was more than 7 years ago, it's time people.  Get a new one!  Tomorrow Sleep was just voted #1 hybrid mattress by Men's Health and in my opinion, I'm getting a far better night rest now than I've ever had.


Because I love you all so much, I asked Tomorrow Sleep to partner with me to giveaway a mattress to one lucky follower of mine.  The winner has been chosen, and I can't wait for you to also have a better nights rest too.  Holly Dixon, @mylifeasholly1, you are the winner!  Please email me to claim your prize.

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